Have You Ever Looked Into First Aid Training?

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We are delighted that accreditation has now been granted, and accordingly Online Winter Sports (Rugby/Football) and Autumn & Winter Cricket Renovations courses are now available to book at www.groundstraining.co.uk. The format of tutorial videos followed by assessment questions is repeated for these two new courses. Learners will gain an overview of all the processes, machinery and equipment required to create and maintain a quality playing surface, and correctly answering each set of questions again leads to Lantra certification. We have always valued the independent endorsement of our Sports Turf Maintenance courses by a National Awarding Body. Therefore we work closely with Lantra during the planning and writing stages of new courses to ensure that the course content and delivery meet their demanding criteria and are suitable for inclusion within their customised provision portfolio. Lesson plans are carefully considered to ensure that positive and relevant learning outcomes are met. By the time we are ready to bring our education products to market we ourselves have confidence that their quality meets our own high standards. Independent scrutiny and approval by the leading UK Awarding Body for groundcare training raises our courses to a premier level. We strive to maintain our well-earned position as the training provider of choice for many organisations and individuals throughout the UK and are proud to offer what we believe are the only independently accredited sports turf maintenance courses on the market. All our Online Turf Maintenance courses - Winter Sports, Cricket and Bowls - are supported by the relevant course manuals (100+ pages) which contain full colour images, line drawings/diagrams and month by month working diaries, as well as Health and Safety information. These manuals provide an ongoing reference source and aide memoire long after the online work has been completed.

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